Bunker Hause

Bunker Hause is a hostel and cultural house located in the city of Quito, Ecuador. They offer lodging services to travelers from various parts of the world. They also have a rooftop space hosting multiple cultural events such as fairs, yoga classes, performances, and art exhibitions.


The challenge of the project was to create content in various formats to promote the venue’s events, lodging services, and space rental for events, engaging both the local community and international travelers.


We created content for social media in different formats to engage with this variety of audiences and build a strong brand positioning with various points of contact and visual languages.
"Renato is an exceptional person, his ability to listen, motivate, and share ideas is admirable. Thanks to his skill in connecting stories, he managed to bring our space, Bunker Hause, to life on social media and effectively communicate our vision. Working with him was a true pleasure, and his warmth made him part of our family. Although we miss him now that he is no longer in Ecuador, we wish him many more successes that we are sure will continue to come. Thank you, Renato Coelho, for your invaluable contribution!"
Vanessa Andrade


Art Direction: José Augusto Kiko
Creative Direction & Strategy: Renato Coelho
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