Dobra Arquitetura

“Dobra Arquitetura” is an architecture firm with over ten years of experience. They’ve completed significant projects with public organizations, participated in major national architecture exhibitions, and received recognition and awards. “Dobra” positions itself under the concept of “Uncomplicated Architecture,” reflecting its collaborative working style involving clients in every project conception stage.


The challenge was to update the digital positioning of the “Dobra Arquitetura” brand. This experienced company had shifted its focus over time and needed to better align its communication with a more targeted client niche.


Our role was to create a repositioning strategy, identifying and listing areas of improvement at each touchpoint. This included crafting a content strategy and conducting a website diagnosis.


The strategy involved prioritizing and defining key channels, redesigning the website, creating a content strategy, and implementing paid media efforts. The focus was on enhancing the brand’s digital presence to align with the concept of “Uncomplicated Architecture.”
Key Channel Prioritization: The first step was identifying the most relevant digital channels for the brand’s target audience. Through data analysis and market research, channels with the highest likelihood of effectively reaching potential clients were selected.
Website Redesign: Recognizing the importance of a modern and intuitive website, a complete overhaul of the “Dobra Arquitetura” website was undertaken. The new design reflected the brand’s new positioning and enhanced user experience, facilitating navigation and search for relevant information.
Content Strategy and Paid Media: A robust content strategy was developed to highlight the brand’s unique approach, “Uncomplicated Architecture.” This involved creating relevant, educational, and inspiring content that resonated with the target audience. Additionally, paid media was implemented to amplify the message and reach a broader and more targeted audience, increasing brand visibility and driving engagement.


We designed the consumer journey, focusing on the main points of each. LinkedIn would concentrate on the B2B market (focused on companies), and the other networks would focus mainly on B2C (consumers).

Based on this, a content strategy was outlined, creating new editorial lines focusing on the consumer journey, allowing for better interaction with the audience and a clear plan for expansion into social networks, providing consistency and growth of different types of audiences.

Expansion to other networks was a multichannel distribution tactic that allowed for more digital presence for Dobra, with the networks “talking” to each other, Instagram directing to the Blog, LinkedIn to the website, Pinterest to Instagram, and so on, facilitating growth across all company platforms, as well as bringing greater content diversification among them.


The result was an evolution in Dobra Arquitetura’s digital presence. Metrics reflected significant growth, including an increase in Instagram followers, higher engagement on the profile, and growth in website traffic.


+1000 new followers on Instagram.
180,000 impressions on posts.
+125% increase in profile clicks.
+200% growth in profile views.
54% increase in organic website traffic.
"We went from a time when we did everything very intuitively and homemade to a moment of rethinking and doing everything with much more strategy.The whole process changed the way we relate to the content we want to produce. It opened up a universe. We always produced the same type of content, and now we have a universe of ideas, mainly from the editorial guidelines. It was really an opening of possibilities.Everyone who saw the website has loved it, lots of positive comments. It's being highly praised."
Gabriel e Fernanda


Art Direction and Web Design: José Augusto Kiko

User Experience | UI/UX: Viviane Machado

Web Development: Kenneth Gamboa

Content Creation: João Paulo Rivelli

Strategy and Creative Direction: Renato Coelho

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