Granu is a Scenography Production company founded by Pedro, from Minas Gerais who was moving from Rio de Janeiro to Belo Horizonte and wanted to bring his production company to the capital city to launch the new brand. With a visually established brand, well-defined graphic elements, color palette, fonts, and other essential items, we engaged in a co-creation process of content strategy, initially focused on Instagram and later extended to different social media platforms.


The challenge was to start the company’s operations in another city, launching its profile on social media in a way consistent with the desired positioning and effective in reaching the new audience and potential clients.


Our role was to create and execute a content strategy for the brand’s social media launch, identifying audiences, defining tone of voice, editorial guidelines, visual language, content frequency, and formats, among other essential elements.


The strategy involved defining a consistent visual and verbal language that conveyed the brand’s essence and its founder. Reinforcing the idea of a hassle-free scenic design is one of the elements the company focuses on in positioning and sales discourse, as the production is known for dealing with many unforeseen circumstances and needs to convey the ability to respond to this need.

Visual Language: Scenic Design is a service closely associated with aesthetics and visual arts, serving a very decorative function, where visuals are crucial to convey trust and reinforce the brand’s quality attributes. With that said, we defined a “feasible” visual style within the production capabilities and backstage language for the photos and videos of the setups.

Storytelling: We defined the essence of content as the ability to tell the story behind each project and scenario, showing the process, bringing the idea of the beginning, middle, and end of the clients the production company already had through carefully selected backstage videos and photos and completed projects, with a “teaser” language, alternating between carefully selected pictures and videos and a sequence of posts that could build anticipation for what’s to come, maintaining audience attention and retention by releasing updates of the same project gradually.

The tone of Voice: We defined a friendly, relaxed tone of voice, yet careful and professional. In captions and texts, the founder’s personality adopted, significantly reinforced, and naturalized this language. We created story scripts focused on behind-the-scenes, encouraging the audience to ask questions ranging from technical aspects of the scenic design process to build closeness and trust to questions and fun moments with clients and collaborators, which helped humanize the brand.


The result was an impactful launch that brought above-average engagement in the first few months, generated new professional contacts that converted into clients and suppliers and established the brand name in the new market.


+1500 new followers on Instagram organically
+300 thousand impressions in 3 months
Engagement rate of 11%
"Everything was planned and built with great care. I felt heard, respected, and guided by an excellent professional who, at the end of these 3 months, delivered results far beyond the goals we had set. Today, the production company is well-established in the market, we have good clients, and we grow more every month."
Pedro Stauffer
CEO and Founder


Art Direction: José Augusto Kiko
Creative Direction & Strategy: Renato Coelho
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