JJ Ruescas | Optimizing Me

“Optimizing Me” is a project led by JJ Ruescas, a human optimization strategist. The project employs methodologies based on human optimization to deliver speeches, create content, facilitate training sessions, and guide individuals. Approaches include result-focused coaching, productivity techniques, neuroscience, breathing techniques, and psychology.


Revamp the “Optimizandome” project website, created by JJ Ruescas, a Human Optimization Strategist, to effectively communicate the brand’s positioning. The objective was to streamline the website to concentrate information distribution and channel traffic through it.


We worked on revamping the existing website identity of “Optimizandome.” The project began with a personalized assessment that looked at competitors and identified areas for improvement on the current site, aligned with the client’s goals.


The strategy involved a complete overhaul of the website identity to better reflect the brand positioning of “Optimizandome.” The focus was on centralizing the distribution of information and traffic through the website, enhancing user experience, and attracting new points of contact.


We conducted a comprehensive brand diagnosis, analyzing existing touchpoints and channels. During this process, we determined that the website would serve as a starting point to optimize the brand’s digital positioning. The previous website model, designed as a classic blog, no longer met the brand’s needs in terms of communicating with customers and delivering professional content.


The website redesign has resulted in a more professional browsing experience aligned with the client’s profile. The improvements have translated into positive feedback from customers and a significant increase in search engine performance and rankings.


Launch of the new website aligned with the brand’s visual identity and positioning.

Clearer and more effective brand positioning.

Improvement in SEO performance and ranking.

Positive feedback from customers.

"My brand’s online presence before working with Renato was suboptimal. It was a webpage that I created myself, with poor structure, lack of aesthetics, and cumbersome. Renato helped me transform it into a website that I’m proud to share with people every single time. Renato helped and continuous improving my “Digital Home”. The place where people get to know about my work, and I care for their experience while they’re on the website. Many of the visitors ask me if I made the website myself. I reply that my skillset is almost null to do that, and that I rely on my marketing genius, Renato, to bring my ideas to fruition. That’s when they decide to connect with him and get the same help on their websites.."
JJ Ruescas


Art Direction and Web Design: José Augusto Kiko
Web Development: Adriano Prates
Strategy and Project Management: Renato Coelho
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